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Gambrel & Hoist
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Gambrel & Hoist.


24"wide spreader bar, 500 Lb Capacity

Our Price: $32.00

Game Hoist - Mag
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Game Hoist - Mag.


These game hoists provide a lift system to raise and lower game to the desired height.

The Mag 4:1 Ratio Lift System features heavy-duty rope, 4-pulley system and 4:1 lift ratio, along with a Small Gambrel. The gambrel is rated to 500 pounds.

Our Price: $31.60

Game Lure Xtreme Scents
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Game Lure Xtreme Scents.


Xtreme Scents Game Lure product line not only appeals to the deer's sense of smell, but their sense of taste as well.

Our Price: $10.50

Gear Down Layout Blind
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Gear Down Layout Blind .


There are those times when you can’t take your truck and trailer out in the field. The new “Gear Down” lightweight layout blind is just what you need.

Our Price: $120.99

Giant Whitetails
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Giant Whitetails.


Canadian cold and big bucks!!! Hunt in the heart of the world's gretest whitetail territory, the land the worrld record typical Saskatchewan! Nine classic whitetail hunts including the hunts for two gross scoring Boone and Crockett record book bucks, droptine bucks and heavy antlered northern deer.

List Price: $19.45
Our Price: $5.00

Goose and Turkey Decoy Skinz
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Goose and Turkey Decoy Skinz.


Make your existing decoys come to life with Turkey/Goose Skinz. They are made of 100% real turkey/goose feathers that are perfectly layered for realism, and reflect sunlight like a real turkey/goose. Turkey/goose Skinz fits on virtually any existing decoy with the exception of full strut varieties, and can be used on hen and jake decoys alike. It attaches in seconds via velcro straps, and is weather tolerable.

List Price: $59.99
Our Price: $49.99

Goose Flute
click on image for details

Goose Flute.


The Illusion® Canada Goose flute’s revolutionary “flute hole” lets you “break” notes over with the touch of a finger!

This gives you the ability to communicate with Canada Geese and create realistic hail calls without losing the versatility to make low-end feeder calls.

The included educational CD-ROM gives you the opportunity to see and hear for yourself, how to communicate with geese.

List Price: $39.99
Our Price: $24.99

Goose Magnet
click on image for details

Goose Magnet.


True to life feathering and coloration

Our Price: $27.49

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