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Elk = Mini Grunt Tube (ELK Call)
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Elk = Mini Grunt Tube (ELK Call).


The Mini Grunt Tube makes calling easy. 18 x 1╝ inch tube. Includes camo cover and lanyard.

Our Price: $17.99

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Our Price: $149.99

Extinguisher Arrow Puller
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Extinguisher Arrow Puller.


Lumenok Extinguisher The Lumenok Extinguisher is an arrow puller that has been retasked to also serve as a tool that very easily turns off the Lumenok bolt ends and standard Lumenoks with a simple flip of the wrist.

Our Price: $22.95

Extreme Fish Attractant - Garlic
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Extreme Fish Attractant - Garlic.


Xtreme Fishing. Whether you are a pro tournament angler or just a weekend warrior, every strike counts. Xtreme Scents Fish Attractants accelerates the movement of inactive fish and increases the number of strikes while fishing.

To give anglers more of an edge on success, Xtreme Scents has expanded the fish attractant line with Gel Attractants. The Gels offer the same scent power and punch as the liquid scents, but sticks to the baits and lures for more than 3 hours.

Available in: 3-ounce tubes
Scent: Garlic

List Price: $9.99
Our Price: $2.99

Eye Level Bucks/Secret World of Whitetail Hunting
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Eye Level Bucks/Secret World of Whitetail Hunting.


Eye Level Bucks: Veteran bowhunter Mike Lapinski explains how to still-hunt, stalk & ambush whitetails on the ground. ˘These ˘lost art÷ hunting techniques are not only exciting & personally rewarding, but also very productive. After each alternative hunting technique, Mike follows up with actual hunts. Secret World of Whitetail Hunting: Whitetail hunting expert John Sloan shows how to hunt whitetail deer in the tough early, middle, & late part of the deer season, including the exciting rut. JohnĂs 40+ years of whitetail deer knowledge lets him simplify the complex whitetailĂs world into basic & easily understood hunting methods.

List Price: $19.45
Our Price: $3.00

Fawn Decoy
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Fawn Decoy.


A real effective decoy for big predators and early doe seasons.

Our Price: $54.99

Field Dressing Gloves 2-Pack
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Field Dressing Gloves 2-Pack.


Includes one pair of short latex gloves and one pair of shoulder-length poly gloves. These disposable gloves allow you to field dress your deer and remain clean and dry with added protection.

Our Price: $2.00

Fish and Seafood Care & Cooking
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Fish and Seafood Care & Cooking.


Find out why the Country's leading cooking and outdoor editors call Jerry Chiappeta and Chef Milos "master producers in the outdoors and in the kitchen." OUTDOOR LIFE calls it 3 hours of "must see TV" where you learn the proper care of your catch from the hook to the cook.

List Price: $19.45
Our Price: $6.00

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