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Deer Killer Kit with CD (Doe)
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Deer Killer Kit with CD (Doe).


Deer Killer Kit (Doe) Comes with Down and Dirty Cover Up, Whitetail Maniac 155 with Doe in Heat Urine, Hands Free Doe Call and Shoot The One You Want CD.

Our Price: $39.99

Deer Sleigh'r
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Deer Sleigh'r.


The Deer Sleigh'r is a durable, slick plastic sled that provides easy, clean movement of game animals and equipment, regardless of terrain or conditions. The Deer Sleigh'r protects the meat from a successful hunt as well as the cape of that once-in-a-lifetime trophy from dirt and damage. This portable and convenient sled allows game retrieval in places that trucks, ATV's and other awkward, bulky two wheeled carts cannot access.

Available in regular and large sizes.

List Price: $33.99
Our Price: $29.99

Detail Mighty Muskie/Muskie:Make Sense
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Detail Mighty Muskie/Muskie:Make Sense.


Join professional muskie fisherman Bob Mehsikomer in this action-packed double feature that takes you in-depth on becoming a successful muskie fisherman. The programs include key information on muskie structure and the fish itself. Knowing more about the fish and its senses is certain to help you improves your odds at netting one of these fresh water giants.

List Price: $19.45
Our Price: $3.00

DIY Turkey Tail Fan Kit
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DIY Turkey Tail Fan Kit.


Easily mounts on most full strut decoys. 
Us this tail feather bracket to make your own collapsible full strut tail. 

Sick of carrying that full real turkey tail in the field when using your Full Strut Decoy?

Our Price: $21.99

Double Teaming Bulls and Hunting with the Pros: Elk
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Double Teaming Bulls and Hunting with the Pros: Elk.


See elk hunting at its best in this double feature DVD. Double Teaming Bulls features Mike Lapinski and John Sloan. Mike and John show you how effective it can be to have the caller hidden behind the set up hunter. Hunting With the Pros: Elk, features Kevin Gross, Lance Parish and Gary Holmes. The hunters discuss hunting strategy and harvest some outstanding bull elk.

List Price: $19.45
Our Price: $3.00

Down and Dirty Cover Up
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Down and Dirty Cover Up.


Designed to suppress and eliminate human odor on contact. Roger Raglin's Whitetail Maniac Down and Dirty has a non-offensive natural smell that all North American big game animals are used to.

Our Price: $11.99

Down'n'Dirty Hen Decoy
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Down'n'Dirty Hen Decoy.


What’s the one hen motion that drives the toms wild? Her receptive squatting motion. Nothing says “come and get it” better than that.

Our Price: $32.99

Duck Magnet - Drake
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Duck Magnet - Drake.



• True to life feathering and coloration 

Our Price: $27.49

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