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Scent Control 3 Pack
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Scent Control 3 Pack.


Control System 3 Pak. Save Money will our Control System 3 Pak. Xtreme Scents Eliminator Body and Hair Wash is extra concentrated and formulated to provide long lasting scent free protection in the field. This effective blend is gentle on your skin and is biodegradable.

Laundry and Body Wash come in 16 oz bottles
Scent Spray comes in a 12 oz spray bottle.

List Price: $25.99
Our Price: $24.99

Scent Elimination Spray 16oz
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Scent Elimination Spray 16oz.


X Scentís Scent Elimination Spray with Silver XP technology developed by Xtreme Scents is the most technologically advanced scent eliminator spray on the market. This spray is chemically blended with activated charged silver ions, which eliminate odor-causing bacteria. This anti microbial technology prevents the growth of bacteria for more than 48 hours, giving hunters a new sense of confidence and the ultimate advantage to go undetected.

X Scentís Silver Scent Elimination Spray also contains Xtreme Scents original Scent Eliminator chemical, which will eliminate other odors not caused by bacteria, such as gasoline vapors, food smells and smoke.

Available in: 16 ounce spray bottle

List Price: $11.99
Our Price: $9.99

Scent Eliminator Spray 24 oz
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Scent Eliminator Spray 24 oz.


Xtreme Scents odor elimination line is not your ordinary scent elimination product. Our elimination spray outperformed leading brands by an average of 49% when tested against four common odors.

List Price: $15.99
Our Price: $12.00

Scent Web
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Scent Web.


Scent Web is a patented scent, wick and a delivery system all in one. Simply put, Scent Web is an environmental-friendly spray string that is scented with deer lure and attractants.

Our Price: $14.99

Turkey Box Calling System
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Turkey Box Calling System.


The "Flat Stroke" Custom-Cut Box Call is individually hand tuned. This call has one of the most extreme ranges of tones and volumes. From incredable soft subtle finsishing yelps to extreme penetrating yelps that will amaze you! Made from solid black walnut and canary wood paddle. Packaged with video CD-ROM instructional. Each call has consistant performance with a unique look and feel.

List Price: $62.99
Our Price: $59.99

Turkey Pot Call System Glass
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Turkey Pot Call System Glass.


This custom pot call will blow you away! Developed by turkey hunting fanatic and US Friction Open Champion Steve Morgenstern, it has the power, range, and snap that the obsessed callin' man wants to hear.

Our Price: $62.99

Turkey Tail and Beard Mounting Kit
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Turkey Tail and Beard Mounting Kit.


Mount the trophy yourself, save money and get it up on the wall faster.

Our Price: $19.99

Turkey Trooper Deluxe Call
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Turkey Trooper Deluxe Call.


By far the most advanced and easiest to use turkey call ever made.

Our Price: $24.99

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