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Roger Raglin Deer Lures, Scents, Calls.

Roger Raglin's product line includes deer hunting attractants and lures, deer calls and instructional videos.

Game Lures.

Xtreme Scents game lure product line appeals to an animal's sense of taste and smell and can be used to attract deer, bear and other animals.

Illusion Duck, Deer and Turkey Calls.

Whatís the big difference between Illusion calls and all the others?

First, the tonal range. Exclusive features like Illusionís free-floating reed design enable Illusion calls to portray the interaction between multiple birds as well as individuals. Group communication is simply more realistic and more effective. Itís like using a flock of decoys vs. a single, solitary decoy. Safety (and comfort) in numbers.

The second difference is the included educational CD-ROM which gives you the opportunity to see and hear for yourself, how to communicate with deer, ducks, geese or turkeys.

Away Products.


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