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Deer Killer Kit with CD (Doe)
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Deer Killer Kit with CD (Doe).


Deer Killer Kit (Doe) Comes with Down and Dirty Cover Up, Whitetail Maniac 155 with Doe in Heat Urine, Hands Free Doe Call and Shoot The One You Want CD.

List Price: $39.99
Our Price: $24.99

Down and Dirty Cover Up
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Down and Dirty Cover Up.


Designed to suppress and eliminate human odor on contact. Roger Raglin's Whitetail Maniac Down and Dirty has a non-offensive natural smell that all North American big game animals are used to.

List Price: $11.99
Our Price: $6.99

Roger Raglin Hands Free Doe Call
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Roger Raglin Hands Free Doe Call.


Now available from Roger Raglin products, hands free deer calls. Made by Modern Call Products the originators of the hands free calling system.

Our Price: $15.49

Roger Raglin Penetrator Call
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Roger Raglin Penetrator Call.


A highly effective tool for close range buck encounters with a cound that will carry a long distance, Roger Raglin's Penetrator is a compact buck call that packs a real wallop!

Our Price: $15.49

Roger Raglin Whitetail Maniac 155
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Roger Raglin Whitetail Maniac 155.


Whitetail Maniac 155 - When bucks or does come into contact with this product they will stop and check it out. A 100% pure deer product. Full 2 oz. bottle!

Our Price: $15.49

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