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Arctic Shield FAQs:
Q: How long has Arctic Shield been "Keeping You Warm"?
A: Our Advanced Cold Weather Protection has been available to North American Consumers since 1997.
Q: How does RE-tain Technology work?
A: Our exclusive RE-tain™ technology will keep you warm regardless of temperature or windchill. RE-tain™ is not a traditional insulation, which is bulky and only slows heat loss. It is a thin multi-layered heat resistant thermal barrier that captures and returns up to 97% of your body heat. RE-tain™ is naturally waterproof, windproof, breathable and the unique open cell inner layer helps wick away moisture.
Only ArcticShield® products combined with RE-tain™ technology provide a "Complete Body Warming System™" that really works.
Q: What temperature has Arctic Shield clothing been tested to ?
A: Dry ice was used to demonstrate the performance of our products, dry ice has a temperature of -109 degrees below zero. Click here to read about the demo.
Q: What is the X Scent Elimination System?
A: XScent eliminates the source of odor by preventing it's growth. X Scent apparel uses pure silver fiber sewn into the fabric binding silver ions to ammonia and denatured proteins - eliminating human scent. A great scent blocker especially formulated for use by hunters.
Q: How long does X Scent last?
A: XScent apparel can't fill up like carbon, so it never requires reactivation plus it can never wash out like treated fabrics, because it is the fabric.
Q: Will I be comfortable wearing X Scent products?
A: XScent apparel is thermodynamic and will keep you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter by conducting body heat away from and around your body. XScent apparel is highly breathable!
Q: Is X Scent proven technology?
A: YES! 10 years of testing and research by several major universities, the medical industry, and the US Military have proven the scent eliminating effectiveness of XScent products.
If you have any questions regarding Arctic Shield, X Scent Apparel, Xtreme Products or Roger Raglin Deer Hunting Products please email us - and keep posted for the reply!

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