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Arctic Shield® RE-Tain™ Technology

Our exclusive RE-tain™ technology will keep you warm regardless of temperature or windchill.

RE-tain™ is not a traditional insulation, which is bulky and only slows heat loss. It is a thin multi-layered heat resistant thermal barrier that captures and returns up to 97% of your body heat.

RE-tain technology from ArcticShield
RE-tain™ is naturally waterproof, windproof, breathable and the unique open cell inner layer helps wick away moisture.

Only ArcticShield® products combined with RE-tain™ technology provide a "Complete Body Warming System™" that really works.
Keeping you Warm

Dry Ice Demonstration

Dry ice is used to demonstrate the performance of our products. Dry ice is -109F.

To begin our demonstration we place one Boot Insulator over the shoe of our participant and then pour dry ice on top of it.

We then pour dry ice directly on the shoe of our participant without a Boot Insulator. The demonstration takes only 2 minutes, for some it's much shorter than that, and they quickly pull their cold feet out of the ice.

The uncovered shoe leather freezes within that short amount of time and the feeling of coldness increases even after the exposed shoe has been removed from the ice.

The opposite foot that has been protected with a Boot Insulator remains warm and comfortable and the shoe leather is warm.


It's amazing that anyone can sit comfortably in a chair with dry ice on their foot! Contact us for more information about our products or become a Dealer today!

X Scent Elimination System - Scent Control for Hunting

X Scent Elimination System

Silver Fiber

X Scent hunting apparel powered by X-Static® The Silver Fiber™ is an advanced Scent Elimination System (SES) developed for the hunting industry to eliminate body odor in any hunting environment. X Scent hunting apparel uses pure silver to eliminate body odor by binding silver ions to ammonia and denatured proteins.

Advanced features that leave our competitors in the dust:

X Scent apparel can't fill up like carbon, so it never requires reactivation, plus it can never wash out because it is part of the fabric
X Scent apparel is highly breathable, skin surface will feel refreshed so it Keeps you Cool in Warm Weather
X Scent hunting apparel Keeps you Warm in Cool Weather because it is thermodynamic and conducts body heat away from and around your body.
Prevents static build up and washable with mild detergent
10 years of testing and research by universities, medical industry and the U.S. Military.

You will like the X Scent apparel so well that you will want to wear this hunting clothing year round....and you can.

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