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Extinguisher Arrow Puller  

Extinguisher Arrow Puller.
Lumenok Extinguisher

The Lumenok Extinguisher is an arrow puller that has been retasked to also serve as a tool that very easily turns off the Lumenok bolt ends and standard Lumenoks with a simple flip of the wrist.

No more need to struggle to turn off your Lumenoks and this tool makes pulling your arrows from 3D targets much easier.

The tool also has a gripper built into the handle for easy removal of Lumenoks from your arrows or bolts.


The Lumenok Extinguisher comes with three sets of Rubber jaws that fit all popular arrow diameters.

This allows the user to easily extract his arrows from a target, and with the same tool easily extinguish his Lumenok.

Pliers are made from non-marking reinforced plastic material to insure that arrows are not damaged.

Handles contain a notch that can safely grip a nock and remove it for servicing the Lumenok's battery.

Our Price: $22.95


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