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Lumenok BEXCF3 Bolt  (Arrow + Bolt)  

Lumenok BEXCF3 Bolt (Arrow + Bolt).
*Lumenok Equipped Firebolts for Excalibur BEXCF3 - 3 Pack of Bolts

(Flat Shaped End, 20" Bolt)

3 complete Lumenok Equipped Bolt Assemblies!

Lumenok equipped Firebolt for Excalibur offers the crossbow user the ability to see shot placement like never before.

The Ultra bright LED technology used in this Lumenok bolt assembly is so bright that you will want to wear shades to look at it close up.


Lumenok equipped Firebolts for Excalibur are designed to allow crossbow shooters to see bolt flight.

Contains 3 complete 20" carbon bolt assemblies, each equipped with a Flat End.

Bolts are equipped with Lumenok bolt end, 4" vanes, and weigh 280 grains each.

Approved Models Per Manufacture

For use in Excalibur and Ten Point crossbows, any make requiring a flat bolt end.

Our Price: $64.99


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