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Read what our clients have been saying about the quality outdoor wear supplied by ArcticShield dealers throughout Canada.
Subject: A Satisfied Arctic Shield Customer !

"Once again, Thank You !!! Here is a picture of the deer I got last Thursday. I thought you would like to see the clothing in action. If it wasn't for the warmth of the products you sold me !! I wouldn't have been able to stay on my stand long enough to see the deer I got. Unbelievable warm !"

Ken Gauthier
From Wayne Brown:

This is a testimony that I want you to know - I‘d never leave home without my System Mitts and Boot Insulators as I’d freeze my butt off without them.

(Before ArcticShield) Northern Ontario Dec. 9th 1999, 8:30 a.m.
My hunting partners are deep in the bush following moose tracks and I’m standing quietly watching a creek valley where they might cross. The temperature is –27 degrees C., the wind 20 kilometers per hour, producing a snappy wind chill of –50 degrees C! an hour later, the moose have escaped and I’m freezing! My hands and feet ache with the cold and I’m starting to shake, the first sign of hypothermia ---

(After ArcticShield) Northern Ontario Dec 4th, 2002 8:30 a.m.
It’s –26 degrees C. and the wind is up. The trackers are on the trail – but standing for an hour is no problem; I’m wearing my ArcticShield Boot Insulators and System Glove on my left hand, with a bare right hand settled in the ArcticShield Hand Warmer at my waist. I’m toasty warm and ready for a big bull to step into a clearing ---

These days I love the winter hunt! What more can I say?
Wayne Brown
Dryden Ontario
Dec. 22, 2002


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