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Deer Antler Mounting Kit
click on image for details

Deer Antler Mounting Kit.


Thsi easy-to-assemble kit fits most sizes and shapes of deer antlers. It includes a wood plaque, one red and one creme-colored skull cover and mounting hardware.

List Price: $21.99
Our Price: $17.99

Deer Sleigh'r
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Deer Sleigh'r.


The Deer Sleigh'r is a durable, slick plastic sled that provides easy, clean movement of game animals and equipment, regardless of terrain or conditions. The Deer Sleigh'r protects the meat from a successful hunt as well as the cape of that once-in-a-lifetime trophy from dirt and damage. This portable and convenient sled allows game retrieval in places that trucks, ATV's and other awkward, bulky two wheeled carts cannot access.

Available in regular and large sizes.

List Price: $33.99
Our Price: $29.99

Dog Ladder
click on image for details

Dog Ladder.


This is still the most versatile and easy-to-use dog ladder available. Get your dog back into the boat with ease.

Our Price: $164.99

Easy Post Hunting chair
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Easy Post Hunting chair.


EASY-POST HUNTING CHAIR - with back rest

Our Price: $30.00

Extreme Fish Attractant - Garlic
click on image for details

Extreme Fish Attractant - Garlic.


Xtreme Fishing. Whether you are a pro tournament angler or just a weekend warrior, every strike counts. Xtreme Scents Fish Attractants accelerates the movement of inactive fish and increases the number of strikes while fishing.

To give anglers more of an edge on success, Xtreme Scents has expanded the fish attractant line with Gel Attractants. The Gels offer the same scent power and punch as the liquid scents, but sticks to the baits and lures for more than 3 hours.

Available in: 3-ounce tubes
Scent: Garlic

List Price: $9.99
Our Price: $2.99

Field Dressing Gloves 2-Pack
click on image for details

Field Dressing Gloves 2-Pack.


Includes one pair of short latex gloves and one pair of shoulder-length poly gloves. These disposable gloves allow you to field dress your deer and remain clean and dry with added protection.

Our Price: $2.00

Folding Saw
click on image for details

Folding Saw.


The H.S. Folding Saw can quickly clear branches, brush, or even small trees. The saw, which is 9 long when closed and 16 long when open, The blade locks into place with the push of a button

Our Price: $13.00

Gambrel & Hoist
click on image for details

Gambrel & Hoist.


24"wide spreader bar, 500 Lb Capacity

Our Price: $32.00

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