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Fletched Arrow Squaring Tool
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Fletched Arrow Squaring Tool.


F.A.S.T. ( fletched arrow squaring tool)

F.A.S.T. is an arrow squaring tool that will allow you to clean and square your fletched or unfletched arrows just like we do at The Burt Coyote Co.

Our Price: $42.38

FlickerTail Duck Butt
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FlickerTail Duck Butt.


The only thing missing from a good duck butt decoy is that little tail motion made when a duck has its head underwater and is readily feeding. That little tail is usually going a mile a minute to alert others that he’s happy, content and has found a good food source. Now we have that same motion in a wind activated duck butt decoy.

Our Price: $32.99

Flotation Jacket
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Flotation Jacket.


Safety and comfort combined into one – comfortable fit and warmth of a jacket, while providing the safety of a life jacket. Perfect for early and late season boating, fishing and sailing

List Price: $114.99
Our Price: $99.99

FX1 WaistPack
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FX1 WaistPack.


Zippered top opening lid
Webbing loops for accessories
Internal organizer pocket

List Price: $22.99
Our Price: $19.16

G42NG - TRIAD Camera
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G42NG - TRIAD Camera .


10.0 Megapixel (4 resolution)10mp/8mp/4mp/2.0mp / HD Video recording 5-180 seconds w/ audio/ Time Lapse with PIR Override/ Reflex™ Trigger - .5 seconds/ 42 “BLACK” IR Emitters /100ft range

Our Price: $224.99

G45NG Pro camera
click on image for details

G45NG Pro camera.


The G45NG Pro is 10% smaller than the original G series and features a dull matte finish camouflage pattern providing no unwanted reflections.

Our Price: $249.99

Goose Flute
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Goose Flute.


The Illusion® Canada Goose flute’s revolutionary “flute hole” lets you “break” notes over with the touch of a finger!

This gives you the ability to communicate with Canada Geese and create realistic hail calls without losing the versatility to make low-end feeder calls.

The included educational CD-ROM gives you the opportunity to see and hear for yourself, how to communicate with geese.

List Price: $39.99
Our Price: $24.99

GX45NG Wireless Camera
click on image for details

GX45NG Wireless Camera.


TRIAD®/ 12.0  Megapixel (4 Resolutions) 12MP / 8MP / 4MP / 2MP / 1080P HD Video recording 5-180 seconds w/ audio / Time Lapse with PIR Override / Reflex™ Trigger - .4 seconds / 45 BLACK IR Emitters / 100ft range

Our Price: $499.99

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