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Game Stalker Pro  

Game Stalker Pro.
The new cutting edge Gamestalker Pro Combo is the most advanced MP3 game caller in the industry. With our experience in modern electronics and expertise in predator hunting, we have brought to life the latest technology ever in digital game calling.

All this, combined with the NEW Western Rivers ORION sound library and the DECEPTOR RABBIT Motion Decoy now offers you all one will ever need for calling all species of wild game.
The addition of the insta-scan sound feature allows you to recall ten sounds at a time and view five sounds on the LCD screen to choose your calling selection.
The caller and the remote both have large 128 X 64 high resolution illuminated LCD's for pre-dawn and nighttime use. The select-a-speaker design offers the option of playing the caller with one or both speakers at the same time.
This feature can also be controlled with the new ergonomic remote control.
Twin hi-fi horn speakers really boost the volume to an unprecedented level of performance.
This unit will operate up to 10-12 hours on eight new AA batteries.
Built with ABS plastic, the rugged design has brass inserts molded into the housing with stainless steel screws securing the unit together.
In addition to the rugged design the housing has been designed with an undercut lip that makes the unit stronger and waterproof.
The large key pads and the Glow-in-Dark features on main unit and remote make it the easiest to see as well as use. Plays all .MP3 and .WAV sound recordings.

This is truly the last call you'll ever need.

Our Price: $299.99


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