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Jim Shockey - Monster Mulies  

Jim Shockey - Monster Mulies.
The unbelievable monster mule deer buck footage contained on this DVD is a "must see" for any hunter who loves big bucks! Journey with Jim Shockey and his team to what is arguable the very best monster mule deer buck country in North America, Canada, home of the world record non-typical mule deer. Join in the hunt for five Boone and Crockett class bucks, including one of the largest mule deer ever taken on camera by a muzzleloader hunter!

Slip in on monster mulies to within yards in the wide open prairie. Be amazed at the number of giant mule deer bucks on this DVD. Produced in association with Stoney-Wolf and Jim Shockey, this production is the result of five hears of filming by Jim's cameraman, world renowned videographer and mule deer hunting expert, Cody Robbins. You don't want to miss this spectacular Monster Mulie presentation! 9 Unbelievable Hunts. 226 B&C Buck taken on camera

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