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Deer Sleigh'r  

Deer Sleigh'r.
The Deer Sleigh'r is a durable, slick plastic sled that provides easy, clean movement of game animals and equipment, regardless of terrain or conditions. The Deer Sleigh'r protects the meat from a successful hunt as well as the cape of that once-in-a-lifetime trophy from dirt and damage. This portable and convenient sled allows game retrieval in places that trucks, ATV's and other awkward, bulky two wheeled carts cannot access.

Whether you're hauling out your spring bear or turkey, or your trophy deer, antelope, or goat in the fall, the Traditional sled is ideal for making your job a breeze. The Magnum sled works great for larger deer, bear, sheep, and even elk.

Haul your next trophy over the roughest terrain. The Deer Sleigh'r is constructed with slick durable plastic that allows the sled to slide easily over snow, dry ground, gravel, and even logs and small trees! Light-weight and compact, you won't even know you brought it with you until you're pulling your trophy-kill out with ease. Simply strap the game to the sled by threading the ropes through the grommets, grab the 6 foot drag rope (all rope included) and you are on your way!

**All Instructions for use are included in package.

• Versatile, Durable, Convenient
• Protect Your Trophy
• Go Where Other Game Haulers Can’t
• Easy To Carry-Lightweight

Available in regular and large sizes.

List Price: $33.99
Our Price: $29.99

Sled Size:

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